Talent Deep Dive to transform your business

If your company aspires to max out your return on investment when going through growth, it is key to understand your talent function’s strengths and weaknesses, and gauge whether your team has the tools and capabilities to drive your business forward.

What is a Talent
Deep Dive

Our Talent Deep Dive is designed to help you understand what’s working well and identify areas of improvement to position your business as an employer of choice. For companies looking to maximize their ROI and scale their recruitment needs quickly, our talent deep dive is an essential part of the process. Working with over 100 clients in region and talent communities globally, we are able to provide an in-depth knowledge and insight on best practices.

Why is a Talent Deep Dive important for an organisation

Having a talent function that allows a company to hire top quality talent is essential for business looking for a competitive advantage. It separates you from the competition and in turn allows for performance and growth.

Our talent deep dive has been designed to identify opportunities for your team to acquire talent, ultimately helping your business reach its ambitious growth and expansion goals.

What’s the process of a Talent Deep Dive?

Setting the scene & consultation

Your Talent Director will reach out to you to arrange a time for your deep dive. They will conduct a consultation with yourself and other key stakeholders


Post consultation, your results from each category will be collated and an overall score is calculated which will provide us a platform for future review


We will produce a number of recommendations to help your talent function accelerate to the next stage. We will share this with you in a report format and discuss. 

Our Talent Deep Dive includes the following:


Implementing the right hiring tools will help streamline and manage your entire hiring process.

Process & Strategy

A highly effective talent function works as a strategic partner and supports leaders with anticipating talent needs ahead of time.

Candidate Attraction

How candidates feel throughout the hiring process influences their decision to accept an offer, or even apply in the first place.

Candidate Assessment

Having clearly defined criteria when assessing candidates enables your business to benchmark candidates consistently, which in turn leads to better quality hires.


Tracking data points like TTH, CPH, Relocated Hires and Remote Hires helps optimise your talent function, saves you time and allows you to focus on quality.


Engaging the people you need for your business is all about getting in front of them and for hiring at scale it can be crucial to secure your presence at relevant events. Whether virtual or in-person, we’ll help you ensure you’re in the right place at the right time for your target candidates.

What makes our Talent Deep Dive different?

Our knowledge & our expertise
With our extensive knowledge of client deployments in the region, combined with our global talent communities, we have created a model that will help assess and identify processes your team can use to become the most efficient possible.

Data from our growing network talent partners
With extensive insights from working with startups to global enterprises, we are positioned to thoroughly review your current talent acquisition methods, documentation and tools.

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