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The Challenge

Scale up headcount by 18 heads within 4 months across Marketing and Digital.

The Solution

After growing to 100 people in their first 6 months, their entire Digital, Marketing, Media and Data recruitment was outsourced to us for 4 months.

We integrated a bespoke outsourced model and created a thorough talent attraction strategy utilising many of our in-house capabilities to combat many non-compete / non poaching hurdles.

The Results

18 candidates placed in 4 months
Reduced cost per hire 36%
Reduced time
Reduced time to hire 32%
22% of candidate were relocated hires
How ARC Talent helped Tradeling scale 55 hires in 6 months across UAE & Egypt
Helped Eyewa build a fully remote team across Tech, Product and Marketing
Scaling RAPP’s headcount by 25 within 12 months for the Dubai office

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