Full Time

Chief Technology Officer

Posted 2 years ago
AED 55,000 - AED 65,000 per month

Job Description

The Company:

Our client is a groundbreaking healthcare startup in MENA, with over three million users, a growing portfolio of products, and an expanding geographical footprint.

Key Responsibilities:

Technology Strategy

  • Ensure that the company has the best technology platform and languages for the projects at hand
  • A strong contributing voice to the company strategy. More specifically, your role is to think up ways to fulfil the CEO and the stakeholders’ goals
  • You are the public face of technology for the company
  • Tend to the internal wellbeing of the company’s tech and be the driving force behind the brand’s technical prowess and insight
  • Be responsible for the recruitment and retention of your team and be responsible for building relationships with communities, vendors and customers

Leadership Strategy

  • Manage Epics to Roadmaps to Deadlines: lead the technology strategy and design and lead the delivery through superior product and project management skills to deliver on the vision
  • Rise to challenges and be hands on, proving that you can contribute as well as delegate orders and tasks
  • Work on the frontlines however remain as the ultimate resource planner to get all work done in the most efficient and most optimized manner

Skills Required:

  • Frontend Technologies (React, JavaScript,…)
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (C#, C++ or Java)
  • Database engines (Elasticsearch, Redis, SQL server, MySQL,…)
  • Distributed Systems (Design Patterns, Microservices Architecture, Data Structure, Algorithms)
  • Source Control management tool