Full Time

Chief Technology Officer

Posted 2 months ago
AED 50,000 - AED 60,000 per month

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for establishing the technology infrastructure vision and leading all aspects of the company’s technological development.
  • Develops technology strategy, including effective information management and reporting, products & solutions support, web presence/services, and ICT infrastructure to stay at the forefront of the business.
  • Conducts long-range planning, develops & oversees the implementation of multi-year IT strategic plans with supporting business cases detailing investment requirements.
  • Directs and manages computing and information technology plans, policies, programs, schedules, computer services, network communications, and management information services to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.
  • Continuously identifies areas of cost optimization/rationalization through prudent technology spending and innovative technology standardization efforts.
  • Responsible for optimizing and managing the technology network in a manner it delivers high efficiency with sufficient resilience.
  • Reviews, negotiate and approve proposals and contracts for the purchase of IT products and services
  • Ensures backup is established for all application systems to provide business continuity of IT services with minimum disruption in the event of contingencies.
  • Accountable for ensuring appropriate security controls for technology solutions, information, and data of the company.
  • Establish strategic relationships with External Agencies and service providers based on service availability and value proposition. Establish robust Vendor Governance. Periodically monitor their performance for SLA compliance
  • Keep abreast of IT developments and emerging technologies to evaluate and implement appropriate, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to achieve competitive excellence.
  • Interfaces with other industry-leading organizations and individuals to maintain state-of-the-art product capabilities & technology offerings.

Skills Required:

  • A degree in business or technology related subject
  • Overall, 20 plus years experience with a minimum of 5 years experience in a CTO/Head of Technology role in a large, multi-national, multi-cultural organization.
  • Significant change management experience in either turnaround or fast-growth situations, both on the IT side and in a consumer, company setting